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Definitely future husband material <3

Definitely future husband material <3




Love them! 

Absolutely in LOVE with this relationship!! The best bromance ever is definitely Shevine!! :) <3 Anything with Adam Levine has me head over heels in love!! 

Extreme Rules! :)

So due to my lack of wifi connection last night, I had to miss Extreme Rules! However, I was SO FREAKING EXCITED to read the THE SHIELD are ALL champs!!! They deserve it very much, I don’t really care how they won! I love the Shield and they have extreme talent. Also pretty excited to see that Randy Orton won!! Love that man and it was great to know that he won in his home town especially! Kinda bummed about the outcome of the Cena-Ryback match. I heard it was only about 20 min. I thought for sure it would be longer but I am excited the the Champ is still here!! Bummed that Lesnar won but I’m betting that was a great match and I’m excited for the fallout tonight! I really didn’t care about any of the other matches but from what I read from results, tonight’s Raw should be a good one!! 

So excited for this great new era!! This is gonna be great!! Believe in the Shield!! 

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

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&lt;3 Believe in the Shield 

<3 Believe in the Shield 

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